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Rediscovering the Happiness of Holiday Traditions

 – One Petal at a Time

It’s 2021, and Forevermark Flowers in Newton is happy to welcome you back to the Thanksgiving table.There is no denying the heaviness and heartache we’ve endured for these last 20 months. We’ve experienced missed moments with cherished loved ones.  We resorted to Zooming in for major holidays and carried the burden of knowing we couldn’t hold those we care about most dearly in our arms.  For nearly two years, we have had to put happier days and holiday traditions on the shelf in our commitment to protect the lives of our friends, family, neighbors, and strangers.  For many of us, the sight of an empty dinner table and the quiet of a silent house during Thanksgiving was almost overwhelming – a darkness that at times seemed endless.

...but the light has finally started to arrive.

 This year, we celebrate the return to the Thanksgiving table.  We rejoice knowing that we will once again gather and reconnect with the happiness and love we knew before the words “social distancing” ever entered our lives.  While it is important to acknowledge and make peace with what we have all experienced since the start of 2020, it is crucial we also allow ourselves to truly experience the joy, wonder, and spirit of the traditions we loved before the pandemic entered our lives. 

Turkeys and Pumpkins and Flowers – Oh My!

Close your eyes and envision your ideal Thanksgiving Day celebration.  Imagine the sweet smells of pumpkin pie delicately dancing with the savory aroma of perfectly roasted turkey and Herbes De Provence.  Listen to the sounds of happy chatter and joyous laughter as family members gather together.  Feel the firm handshakes and warm hugs as you reunite with loved ones you haven’t seen in years.  Lastly, picture the perfectly adorned Thanksgiving table, filled to the brim with napkins, casseroles, wine glasses, and of course, a stunningly beautiful centerpiece of Thanksgiving flowers.

The traditional Thanksgiving flower arrangement is as American as pumpkin pie and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  A powerful symbol that represents the unity of family, the strength of friendship, and the promise of brighter days ahead, the ritual and tradition of adorning our most precious moments with fresh flowers is needed now more than ever before.  As we overcome a period of time where precious moments with loved ones were stripped away, the need to embrace the beauty of tradition and nature has never been greater.

Forevermark Flowers in Newton is Here to Rejuvenate the Holiday Season

If we have learned since 2020, it is that life is too short and too precious to not surround ourselves with beauty and be with those we love.  Since opening our doors, we have remained passionate about being the best florist shop in Newton, Massachusetts, and creating magnificent floral arrangements that commemorate, celebrate, and elevate any experience.  As we all gather around the Thanksgiving table once more and start to make plans for the rest of the holiday season, Forevermark Flowers is here to help you reconnect with your beloved traditions and celebrate the joy and wonder of family, friendship, and togetherness. 

The darkness is lifting and the time to come back together in life, love, and celebration is now.  Your local neighborhood florists in Newton are here to help you make your Thanksgiving gathering picture-perfect with a visually stunning holiday floral arrangement from Forevermark Flowers.